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I Am Really A Princess

Dutton Children's Books    1993

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Come along to the castle and see what life is like when your true parents take care of you. No mundane rules and regulations to bother over. No "Set the table" and "Scrub the tub" and "Share a room with your sister." Instead, you can have your very own room and keep your pony there; friends can sleep over any day of the week; and food? The royal chef awaits your command.

Also published in German, French and Italian.

Lunch Money and Other

Poems About School

Dutton Children's Books    1995

Illustrated by Paul Meisel


Here are twenty-four hilarious poems about school, where all kinds of unexpected things happen. From an unusual pledge of allegiance and jungle gym gossip to recess rules and the rules of addition,  this rollicking collection is sure to keep readers laughing until summer vacation.


IRA-CBC Children's Choice Award


Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Candlewick Press   1997

Illustrated by Scott Nash


Dancing dinosaurs! Reading aloud has never been so much fun! What did the dinosaurs do for fun? What really happened when the Jurassic gang wanted to let off some steam? They danced, of course! They rocked and rolled; they twirled and tromped! They had themselves a Dinosaur Stomp! With illustrations by Scott Nash that leap off the page like a raptor doing the fandango.


Children's Museum of Philadelphia

1998 Book Award

Also published in French, Danish and Slovenian.

I Wish My Brother Was a Dog

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Dutton Children’s Books



.A baby brother can be such a pain;wouldn’t it be

nice if he were a dog instead? Wouldn’t it? Deals with feelings all older siblings experience at times, even the realization that thebaby is really OK.


Winner IRA-CBC Award

Also published in Chinese and Japanese.

Month by Month a Year Goes Round

Illustrated by True Kelley

Dutton Children’s Books



Day by Day a Week Goes Round

Illustrated by True Kelley


Dutton Children’s Books



Martian Rock

Illustrated  by Scott Nash

Candlewick Press 1999


The creators of Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp team up for a playful interplanetary trek that follows four Martians on a mission to find alien life.

Publishers Weekly

Also published in Danish.

lucky pennies.jpg

Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate

Illustrated by Hiroe  Nakata

Dutton Children’s Books

Whimsical watercolor illustrations and a breezy text evoke the warmth and charm shared by a child and his grandfather on a weekend visit. They have similar likes (trading knock-knock jokes, playing baseball, reading) and dislikes (wearing new clothes, eating "funny-looking" food, and--most of all--cleaning up). It would seem that Shields's on-target voice captures the simple, direct language of a child. But wait a minute--on the very last page it is revealed that Grandpa has been the one telling this story!

Also published in Japanese.


Almost Late for School: And More School Poems

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Dutton Children’s Books


Here is a follow-up to the ever-popular Lunch Money, with all the clever exuberance and child's-eye view that made the first book an IRA-CBC Children's Choice and reviewers say, "This collection . . . belongs in every classroom!"

Someone Used My Toothbrush and Other Bathroom Poems

Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Dutton Childen's Books 2010


This collection of 21 short poems is right on target with its rhymed glimpses into the cheerful chaos of family life. From cleaning the toilet looking for something in an overly crowded medicine cabinet , the bathroom takes center stage in these humorous selections

.School Library Journa


Brainjuice Series:

Science, American History, English

Handprint Press

Illustrateded by Richard Thompson and Tony Ross


Following up on American History, Fresh Squeezed (Handprint, 2002), Shields continues her humorous looks at school subjects...small, vigorous pen-and-ink cartoons appear throughout the book. The factual content is accurate, and the witty poetry just might draw science-phobic children into learning about these topics.

Food Fight

Illustrated byDoreen Gay-Kassel

Handprint Press


Young readers will find Shields's tongue-in-cheek food jokes irresistible in this outlandish story about the nighttime activities of the denizens of a refrigerator. When the salad greens say, Lettuce have a party! the ensuing chaos leads to a colossal kitchen food fight...Gay-Kassel's (Princess Bella and the Red Velvet Hat) molded clay characters, appearing against bright two-tone backgrounds that simulate spills, wear dramatic expressions and strike comical poses that make the most of their attributes.


                                              Publishers Weekly

The Bugliest Bug

Illuatrated by Scott Nash

Candlewick Press  2005

State of Maine Raising Reader's Choice 2019


In a rollicking, tongue-in-cheek entree to the entomological world, Damselfly Dilly uncovers a plot by a group of sinister spiders who hold a "bugliest bug" contest and secretly plan to consume the credulous contestants

.Publishers Weekly


Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Dutton Children's Books

Everyone knows that the best part of the school day is the moment it ends! After school, kids can hang out with their friends, play video games, attend music lessons, avoid chores, practice sports, do homework...well, maybe that last part isn't so great, but the rest is a blast!


Fresh, funny, and full of verve and variety, this clever book of 22 illustrated poems about school captures what kids love to do when class lets out. 




Animagicals Series

Illustrated by Svjetlan Junakovic

Handprint Press


Each of these books features Junakovic's artwork on pages that unfold to reveal the answers to Shields's 12 rhyming riddles. The foldout pages are well planned to increase suspense. The rhymes sometimes give clues to the animal's identity while at other times they obscure it, making guessing the answers more challenging...These books are more sophisticated and slightly more demanding than the many other lift-the-flap books that cater to toddlers, which do not have the depth of humor or thought that these two have. A witty pair perfect for lap-time sharing, storytime, or classroom guessing.

School Library Journal


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