Candlewick Press

               March 2014


    Illustrated by Lauren Tobia



Coming in February!

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)                                                                           

"The brilliant incongruity of a baby and blues music (usually featuring soured romance, bum luck and booze) hits all the right comedic notes. Baby’s refrain, repeated after each demoralizing episode, howls out for a singalong: "B-A-B-Y, baby, Got those…baby blues." Tobia’s pen-and-ink illustrations beg for repeat visits too, with their refreshing portrayal of a bustling urban family. ... Eye-squinting details (polka dots on the underside of a stuffed bunny’s ears, a paisley pattern on a blanket, etc.) and vivid colors energize these wonderfully ordinary scenes of moms and small children."

Listen to the song!

Composed and performed by brilliant brother Dave Diggory and talented nephew

Ben Diggory

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Dutton Children's Books


Illustrated by Paul Meisel


Everyone knows that the best part of the school day is the moment it ends! After school, kids can hang out with their friends, play video games, attend music lessons, avoid chores, practice sports, do homework...well, maybe that last part isn't so great, but the rest is a blast!


Fresh, funny, and full of verve and variety, this clever book of 22 illustrated poems about school captures what kids love to do when class lets out.